The wellbeing health check that helps your team to thrive

People are the beating heart of any successful business. Use the Happiness Pulse to quickly assess their wellbeing, and to produce accessible data reports to guide decisions and to target and assess action to improve it.

Using the Happiness Pulse can help you to:


Join the global pioneers making wellbeing into actionable KPIs and create the conditions for your business to thrive


Map and track detailed wellbeing strengths and needs and invest in programmes or ideas that really work



Evaluate the impact and value of actions and interventions and share learning across management, staff and stakeholders

The case for workplace wellbeing:

Employee wellbeing investment can achieve an ROI of up to 250% due to reduced sickness absence and improved staff retention: the 20% unhappiest employees are twice as likely to leave their job in the next quarter than the 20% happiest employees

Positive moods create the conditions for creativity and help people think laterally, process complex information faster, and concentrate for longer.

Employees and society at large are demanding more than profit.
Far-sighted and ambitious
organisations are already building a focus on the wellbeing of their teams, as well as the wellbeing impact of their work.

Further evidence from the CBI’s report Prioritising workplace health and wellbeing

  • See workplace health and wellbeing as an important business issue

  • Recognise the need to focus on prevention, not just cure

  • Percentage of firms finding it hard to take practical action

The Happiness Pulse has been designed to work in a wide variety of contexts.

Find out which price package is right for your work below.

Our free entry level Happiness Pulse. Essential is ideal for those wanting to measure the wellbeing of a single group of people of any size, as on off, or as a before-and-after evaluation. It features:

  • An interactive dashboard showing live data for all your respondents.
  • Headline results, demographics and usage over time.
  • Instant downloadable graphic reports.

The low cost Plus Happiness Pulse brings all of the Essential advantages but with much more data. In addition to headline results for BE, DO and CONNECT the Plus dashboard and reports show the results for every question within the Happiness Pulse. This gives respondents and stakeholders a much more detailed picture of wellbeing strengths, needs and impact over time.

The Advanced Happiness Pulse provides all the features of the Plus level, with the ability to divide the data into multiple projects. Track the wellbeing of specific teamsand measure the different wellbeing benefits delivered by different interventions. At this level you can also choose one of our additional modules to measure and understand even more about the conditions for wellbeing.

If you want to combine the core survey modules of the Happiness Pulse (General Wellbeing, BE, DO and CONNECT) with bespoke questions or features specific to your sector, area of work, region or city, we may be able to work with you to develop this. For more information please contact us at