Using the Happiness Pulse at scale delivers a rigorous, accessible and consistent measure of the social impact of policy. It tells you how things are on the ground and empowers citizens, community partners, and decision makers to measure, understand and improve wellbeing.
The Happiness Pulse can be used to create accurate and comparable data that will help you to:


Map, track and compare the wellbeing of communities of any size and demographic. Get a full picture of how your area is doing.


Evaluate the social impact and value of the projects and programmes you fund, deliver or commission.


Prioritise resources and action towards the areas that need it most and into the actions that are proven to work.


Create a common currency across and between different policy issues.

The case for measuring wellbeing at scale

Wellbeing costs

The economic and social costs of low levels of wellbeing are high. Proactively measuring, understanding and improving wellbeing will save you time, money, effort and resources.

Asset-based approach

Build on what works by finding out what does! Using a consistent and proven method of getting to the heart of the social impact your policies and programmes make helps you and all your partners see what works (and do more of it).

Co-creating change

The Happiness Pulse helps citizens to understand and improve their own wellbeing, communities, businesses and projects to see what works and do more of it, and gives policy and decision makers information to create lasting change.

The Happiness Pulse has been designed to be used in a wide variety of contexts.

Find out which package is right for your work below.

Our free entry level Happiness Pulse is ideal for all your small projects and active communities. It offers:

  • A simple interactive dashboard showing live data for all your respondents.
  • Headline results, demographics and usage over time.
  • Instant downloadable graphic reports.

The low cost Plus Happiness Pulse brings all of the Essential advantages but with much more data. In addition to headline results for BE, DO and CONNECT the Plus dashboard and reports show the results for every question within the Happiness Pulse survey. This gives you, as the commissioner or funder a much more detailed picture of wellbeing strengths and needs over time.

The Advanced Happiness Pulse provides all the features of the Plus package, with the ability to divide data into multiple projects. Funders and commissioners could use this to

  • Provide different projects or programmes with the opportunity to use the Happiness Pulse survey, as well as viewing the data from respondents over all.
  • Track the wellbeing of specific groups and measure the different social value delivered by different interventions.
  • Choose an additional question module to measure and understand more about the conditions for wellbeing in your community.


If you want to combine the core question domains of the Happiness Pulse (General Wellbeing, BE, DO and CONNECT) with bespoke questions or features specific to your sector, area of work, region or city, we may be able to work with you to develop this. For more information please contact

The Thriving Places Index

Happy City’s Thriving Places Index uses local level indicators to measure and inform progress towards supporting the wellbeing of all citizens, now and in the future. The Index provides a robust reporting framework to support decision-makers in local areas to improve lives on the ground and to help shift the focus, place by place, towards measuring what matters.

We’ve worked with a number of local authorities with both the Happiness Pulse and the Thriving Places Index.