Understand and create the conditions for people and communities to thrive.

The Happiness Pulse combines various academic measures of wellbeing into a simple five minute survey.  Use the Happiness Pulse to quickly produce rigorous and authoritative data about the impact your organisation, project, or processes have on people’s happiness.

Teams, project managers, commissioners and local policymakers can use the Happiness Pulse to:



Benchmark and map wellbeing strengths and needs to manage risk, identify interventions and build wellbeing return on investment. 



Track the social impact and value of projects and programmes.



Inform and evaluate actions interventions and investments with access to team results and downloadable reports. 

A broad and flexible web-app that can be used at any scale and across different organisational contexts.

For projects and communities

Measure your social impact and communicate the difference you are making to funders, donors or the communities you work in. Use a trusted measurement to show how you help.

For teams and workplaces

Wellbeing offers a significant return on investment with increased productivity, retention and recruitment support. Make sure your wellbeing programme is getting results by measuring its impact.

For commissioners and local policy makers

Create the conditions for your community to thrive. Plan and allocate resource based on authoritative wellbeing data. Demonstrate impact across a wide range of indicators and metrics.

Practical features to help you produce trusted data. See the full range of features here.

An easy to use survey

Taken by more than 30,000 users. Results compared to a nationally representative sampled survey by YouGov in 2018.

Practical management dashboard and set up

Understand current performance baseline and evaluate the impact of interventions.

Automated data reporting

Combines a rigorous academic and practical evidence base with a simple user design.

Custom modules

Optional additional questions providing extra insight into organisational, sector or area-specific issues.