Demonstrate the impact of your work and show how you make a difference.

The Happiness Pulse maps the wellbeing strengths and needs of any group and helps you measure the impact of your work on people’s lives. Use it to quickly produce accessible data reports to guide your work, and demonstrate the impact your organisation or project has on people’s lives.



Map and track wellbeing strengths and needs to better tailor interventions to support individuals and communities to thrive



Evaluate the social impact and value of projects and programmes to understand how they are working and demonstrate this to funders, partners and communities themselves with shareable reports



The easy to use dashboard helps build a picture of wellbeing changes. Use this to inform and evaluate actions, interventions and investments and easily share your learning

The case for measuring wellbeing in communities

Measure what matters

If you measure it, you treasure it. So measure the things that both academic research and communities themselves say matter most to their lives.

Demonstrate your social impact

You know your work improves lives beyond simplistic economic measures – now you can demonstrate the detail of that impact in an easy, reliable and trusted way.

Give back to respondents

The Happiness Pulse helps the people who take it, the team who deliver it and the managers who commission projects to understand and improve their own wellbeing

We’ve designed the Happiness Pulse to be flexible to use by organisations of all sizes.

Find out which package is right for you.

Our value-packed free Happiness Pulse. Essential is ideal for those wanting to measure the wellbeing of a single group of people of any size, as a one-off, or as a before-and-after evaluation. It features:

  • An interactive dashboard showing live data for all your respondents.
  • Headline results, demographics and usage over time.
  • Instant downloadable graphic reports.

The low cost Plus Happiness Pulse brings all of the Essential advantages but with much more data. In addition to headline results for BE, DO and CONNECT the Plus dashboard and reports show the results for every question within the Happiness Pulse. This gives respondents and stakeholders a much more detailed picture of wellbeing strengths, needs and impact over time.

The Advanced Happiness Pulse provides all the features of the Plus level, with the ability to divide the data into multiple projects. Track the wellbeing of specific groups and measure the different social value delivered by different interventions. At this level you can also choose to add additional question modules to understand even more about wellbeing in your community.

If you want to combine the core survey modules of the Happiness Pulse (General Wellbeing, BE, DO and CONNECT) with bespoke questions or features specific to your sector, area of work, region or city, we may be able to work with you to develop this. For more information please contact us at