Aimed to be broadly used and accessible, there’s a package to suit every organisation.

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Essential Value-packed free tool

£ 0 year
Your own organisational dashboard
Basic headline data across four question domains
Suitable for a single team or project
Breakdown of respondent demographics

Plus Access more data for deeper insights

£ 500 year - introductory price
Data on individual survey questions gives you
critical insight into what's affecting wellbeing.
Invite colleagues or team members to view
results and track change.

Advanced Track multiple projects or teams

£ 1500 year - introductory price
PLUS features and:
Ability to track multiple teams or projects
View data by project or in aggregate
Access additional sector modules

Compare packages

Essential Plus Advanced
Value packed free tool Introductory price of £500/year Introductory price of £1500/year
Unique shareable survey URL
Organisational dashboard to manage your account and track usage
Track survey engagement with numbers and timing of responses
Track average scores for each of the four survey modules (General wellbeing, BE, DO and CONNECT)
Demographic breakdown of responses across age, gender and ethnicity
See scores for every question in each survey module (General wellbeing, BE, DO, CONNECT)
Invite additional team members to view results and track progress
Track up to ten teams or projects using customisable survey URLs
View results by project or in aggregate
Access additional survey modules
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Bespoke reporting or surveys

If you’re interested in more customised data, analysis or support, we may be able to help. Centre for Thriving Places also offers a bespoke consultation service. Please get in contact with us at to discuss possibilities.

Wellbeing training or support

Looking for additional training, tools and strategic support for your wellbeing programmes or projects? Visit Centre for Thriving Places main website for further information about the services we offer.