A broad and flexible web-app that can be used at any scale and across different organisational contexts.

An easy to use survey

Taken by more than 30,000 users. Results compared to a nationally representative sample survey by YouGov in 2018.

Practical management dashboard and set up

Understand current performance baseline and evaluate the impact of interventions.

Automated data reporting

Combines a rigorous academic and practical evidence base with a simple user design. Automated reports and insights.

Custom survey modules

Optional additional questions providing extra insight into organisational, sector or area-specific issues.

Easy to use survey for respondents

Developed to be engaging and intuitive for respondents, the Happiness Pulse has been taken by over 30,000 users to date.

Quick – approximately five minutes to complete
Shows respondents their results immediately
Signposts respondents to useful resources
Each question is compared to a UK representative sample

Practical management dashboard and set up

Insights from across the question domains, presented in visual and narrative form.

Understand current performance and evaluate impact of resource allocation.
Scaleable data collection at any level (minimum four respondents)
Filter results by date to compare responses before and after interventions
Advanced package allows for multiple projects, teams or organisations.

Automated data analytics and reporting

The survey combines an academic and practical evidence base, based on a validated methodology.  Survey results are compared to a nationally representative sample survey by YouGov in 2018.

Average headline scores across each question domain
Average percentile scores across each question domain
Average percentiles cut by demographics
In Plus and Advanced: average individual question scores give you actionable insight

Custom survey modules

The core Happiness Pulse questions get to the heart of how people feel. But we also offer additional question modules to give you a deeper insights into the contexts that shape wellbeing.

Community Pulse – exploring how people interact with where they live
Workplace Pulse – exploring workplace wellbeing (coming soon)
Housing – understand the impact housing has on our lives (coming soon)
Sports and Physical Activity Pulse – uncovering the relationship between physical and mental health (coming soon)

Bespoke development

Centre for Thriving Places can work with you to develop a bespoke Happiness Pulse tool for use in your organisation. Based on the features available in our Advanced package, our digital and measurement teams will support you to create rigorous and reliable measurements customised to your needs. Please see here for more info.