Additional survey modules

Community survey module

The Community survey module is a set of questions that explores how Happiness Pulse respondents interact and relate to where they live. It gives a detailed picture of how they feel about their home, job, neighbourhood, and how they use transport, green space and services.

This additional set of questions help to uncover the connections between our external lives and our wellbeing, and help pinpoint ways that organisations, business and local decision makers can best impact people’s lives for the better.

See the full list of questions and answer scales. Please get in touch with if you are interested in using the Community Pulse.

Coming soon!

We’ll be developing a range of additional survey modules to add on to the core Happiness Pulse survey. In 2019 we’ll be releasing survey modules covering:

  • Workplace – measuring the key elements of workplace wellbeing
  • Housing – to understand the impact of housing on our lives
  • Sports & Physical Health – to uncover the complex relationship between our physical health and our mental and social wellbeing.