Practical wellbeing measurement for thriving people, teams, organisations, communities.

The Happiness Pulse helps you measure, understand and improve wellbeing with a simple online survey.

How it works

1. Easy set up

Easily set up your profile and access your unique Happiness Pulse survey URL to track data (by team project or other division)

2. Five minute measure

Users measure their wellbeing with the Happiness Pulse online survey (approximately five minutes long)

3. Immediate results

Users receive immediate results and can access guidance to improve their wellbeing

4. Inform action

View and analyse user results on the dashboard to inform effective strategy and interventions

Easy, practical, evidence based.


A straight-forward yet comprehensive tool with automated and bespoke features to help you measure what matters.

Developed and tested in partnership with community, academic, government, and private sector experts. With a validated and academically rigorous methodology.

We’ve designed the Happiness Pulse to be used in different contexts and scales.

For projects and communities

Measure your social impact and communicate the difference you are making to funders, donors or the communities you work in. Use a trusted measurement to show how you help.

For teams and workplaces

Wellbeing offers a significant return on investment with increased productivity, retention and recruitment support. Make sure your wellbeing programme is getting results by measuring its impact.

For commissioners and local policy makers

Create the conditions for your community to thrive. Plan and allocate resource based on authoritative wellbeing data. Demonstrate impact across a wide range of indicators and metrics.

Ready to use the Happiness Pulse?

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